Private Residence
Reno, Nevada
completed in 2006

* work performed while employed with will bruder+partners

Flowing along the topographic contours of the arid, rock strewn landscape above Reno, Nevada, this residence is an essay of fluid form and movement—a celebration of personal privacy and the nuances of perception. Along the soft line of the house - bearing semblance to Richard Serra’s “Snake” sculpture - plan and sectional geometry mediate functional needs with episodic courtyards and gardens inspired by Japanese gardens and the local landscape. The house’s materiality grounds it in the landscape as a mysterious dark shadow by day and as a luminous glowing aperture into the earth at night. Weathered steel plate walls define the entire form and weathered dark patina copper standing seam roof skins the sculptural roof of the living pavilion. Anodized aluminum plate cladding reveals the refinement of the interior. As a quiet canvas for the carefully choreographed dance of movement and light, the sculptural form gives rhythm to the owner’s life.