Private Residence
Reno, Nevada
completed in 2005
* work performed while employed with will bruder+partners

Appropriate into its high desert site, this home remains both humble in materials and grand in abstract formal expression. The two main concrete block volumes nestle into the land while sloped rooflines engage distant vistas. A shimmering metal-clad entry gallery connects the two principle volumes, allowing the clients and their guests to enjoy a distinguished collection of black and white photography. This dynamic space guides visitors into the open living, dining, and kitchen areas. An elliptical form defines this area and provides an intimate area for media and lounging. Throughout the entire house, carefully placed windows frame views to the surrounding landscape and views of downtown Reno. A translucent glowing box defines the bedroom suite for the clients’ daughter, while master suite’s long, low window captures the delicately twisting raw steel sculpture placed in the landscape. Analogous to this piece of work, this project works to both shelter a family while defining itself as a strong sculptural element in its natural desert landscape.