Mixed-use residential and commercial
Tempe, Arizona
completed in 2004
* work performed while employed with will bruder+partners

The gateway nature of its site and the high design aspiration of this project provide the opportunity for the community and the City of Tempe to fully realize its stated design objectives and standards for the 21st century. This project represents a unified public/private vision by not only enhancing a currently vacant parcel, but acting as a bridge between disparate land uses. This project provides the neighborhood with businesses and residents with a vested interest in their community. The Vale condominiums are a gateway to downtown Tempe, a model of new urban development and a genuine point of community pride. The development of this 1.8 acre site, with 713 feet of frontage along University Drive, consists of a series of mixed-use and residential buildings comprising 4,100 sf for sale office and retail space with surface parking, and 46 dwelling units with underground parking and private individual garages at grade. An intimate garden for residents runs the length of the project, fostering a diversity of native plants and providing a dynamic play of light and shade.